Sunday, January 10, 2010

Councilor Woes....

To make things perfectly clear I’ll write (actually type) down the most important thing: I CAN’T SPELL! Good so now that that’s out of the way lets continue….

My Grammar majorly sucks too.

Moving on…

When I first started A’levels my mind often conjured up pictures of umm..less subjects, free periods and bunking those periods which weren’t free. Sadly, while Imagination may be the best thing ever it isn’t always correct or true or useful, like the time I Imagined I was flying or like the time I had totally convinced myself that I was adopted or like the time I was sure that my parents had hidden my Hogwarts acceptance letter or like the time….You get the drill, anyways what I hadn’t accounted for was having my own personal stalker!

No kidding!

These people come to school, roam around the school, eat the DELICIOUS and totally AWESOME school fries and get paid. PAID! To stalk!

So this lady knows my birth date, the names of my family members, the grades I got in my last few school results, My extra-curriculars , my attendance, what my teachers think about me, whether I’m submitting homework assignments or not, what grades I’m currently getting and probably even about my birth marks and my dvd collection – the ones even my parents don’t know about! Plus we have to have weekly meetings with this species!

You know the best part? My hoodie has my name at the back!

Don’t get me wrong I love the hoodie but seriously what was I thinking?! Its soooo easy for my councilor or any teacher to spot me an ask me why I didn’t submit some stupid assignment or why even though I’m in school I wasn’t in his/her class and the horror of all horrors: Why am I not in class! (Yes… she has my timetable memorized)

The icing on the cake:

Girl comes up to me and asks: Who’s ur councilor?

Me: MM..she sucks! (all in one breath)

Girl: MM! Oh she’s a family friend!

Shoot me now!

All I can say is Thank God the girl isn’t a snitch or tattle-tale (are they the same thing? I think so.) and is infact pretty cool!

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  1. Modesty, modesty. Stop already.
    Btw, awesome blog! Love the name! :D