Saturday, January 9, 2010

Copy and Paste (Caution: Its real, Its raw and its SERIOUS)

You know there was this whole "25 random things about me" Thing going on on Facebook?
While this is from that time...I'm Just going to copy and paste it here (Cue: Wide smile and me going "Who Da WOman?!")

Keep in mind that this is like a YEAR old so yeah..

1.I AM a human, contrary to what people may think
People still don't believe so I'm going to keep this one

2. H.U.G.E fan of Disney
Its a little less than H.U.G.E now

3.Love reading and writing
I don't read as much as I used to but this is more due to the fact that I don't have as much time as I used to. I still love writing (this sorta blogging thing counts right?) but I have a long way to go before I'm anywhere near good.

4.Sometimes I come off as completely stupid and sometimes just to annoy my friends I act like a brainiac even though I am not
Honestly I just tend to act weird which is basically very sad

5. It really bothers me that out of my two closest friends one can't be bothered to use the internet (she doesn't even have an ID) and the other comes on like once in 6 months
A. I have a lot more best friends now :)
B. She finally made an ID, Using Facebook however is another story
C.The one with the ID claims to come online on fb everyday (Don't look at me like that! I didn't ask her to) though she never sees her home page (yeah no newsfeed or livefeed and the rest. She survives without stalking), She doesn't check her notifications or inbox. Actually the only thing she does see are the first couple of items on her own profile

6.Can't live without music

7.L.O.V.E funny, witty, random lines,quote and stickers
How can anyone NOT love them?

8.Addicted to facebook
Have to be

9.I blame Eeenie Meanie Minni Mow for the subjects I have to study for O'levels
I have matured now and have finally realized it was my inner longing to study those subjects (Temporarily forgetting the fact that I didn't study them) and the Eenie Meanie Minni Mow just dealt the hands of fate or something like that. Honestly, WHO cares? I'm DONE with O'levels!

10.I cannot tie my shoelaces. Seriously, I have never been able to
I still can't

11.The changing speed of my moods is probably faster than the speed of light
I'm trying to change it to the speed of sound :)

12. Whenever I open my Chemistry book I start to write a poem.Its so weird,then I have to stop myself

13. Cannot survive without: my life(duh!), Cell phone, music, computer (with internet connection), food, chocolate,coke, DVDs
Yeah that basically sums it up Zaid of course too.

14. I cry very Easily
These days my eyes water for no reason and no its not because I'm crying! Its the stupid sinuses

15. I am addicted to Youtube
I'm planning on doing an intervention thing on myself. I'll need a lot of mirrors though.

16. I act like a crazy lunatic when I am with my friends
Doesn't everybody?

17. I have this voice that gets really high-pitched really fast
My singing career which never took off is you'll be glad to know finally over.

18.I lend books to people whose names I hadn't even known before the day I gave them my books
I don't anymore. Never recovered all the books I lost though

19.I like making yearbooks, slambooks and stuff like that. SOME people still haven't given me their pics for this year's yearbook (Hint: Rabiya, Ifra, Amber, Saba, Fatima)
Sad fact: They Didn't give their pics. They might kill me if they see what I put up on their pages but its their fault.

20.My dream was to make a flying car but sadly its already been done
Oh its to open a huge Theme and Roller coaster park in Karachi.If U're rich and willing to invest contact me.

21.I can't go a day without fighting with Batool on something stupid.
Our busy schedules plus the fact that we hardly meet has made this on a weekly basis now instead of everyday.

22.If I say that I am studying then duck undercover because something's wrong with the universe
Today in school I was holding a book for a friend and two people came up to me and said, "Check it out! Aruba's Studying." No lie.

23.Can't live without being sarcastic.......oh.....and ofcourse the people I love..........I guess
I Live and Breathe Sarcasm

24.I have never really NOT LIKED a song
I forgot to mention: Indian songs and the Kishore Kumar people are an exception

25. I just wrote 25 random things about me
Nope. I wrote 26.

26.I dont believe in normal. Nobody's normal!
I could write a book on this.

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  1. so THAT's why you couldn't give me the chemistry book