Friday, January 1, 2010

The New Year

Its the First of Jan today, 2010 is officially here!!
So at the stroke of midnight I religiously sms'ed everybody with the traditional "Happy New Year" greeting and then my smart ass friends asked me what was so happy about it.
So I know that we have been having the worst year ever. "WE" being my country Pakistan and believe if you don't know what Pakistan is then you HAVE been living under a rock my friend. Switch on any news channel its bound to be mentioned sooner or later and not in the best of contexts either.
Anyways moving back to the topic at hand
According to my friends the new year comes every year, (well..DUH! Its the new YEAR isn't it?) and its just a change of date which doesn't signify anything so why all the greetings and celebration?
Me being the eternal optimistic (not really I was just having a good 15 minutes) said stuff about the hope and positive thinking that new beginnings bring (I know Blekh but it was the best I could come up with at that moment) Saying it a couple of times actually made me convince myself...that is sadly an evidence of how gullible I am.
People like change yet they're usually scared of them. U know the whole Fear of the unknown theory? The New Year signifies change yet you don't have to change anything for it. Perfect solution right? Of Forget it! Spouting Philosophical stuff is so not my thing!
Something as lousy as a date isn't supposed to tell you when you start over and when you can't! It totally depends on you right?
Damn! I really need a life if I'm discussing the new year!

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