Friday, January 1, 2010

No More Resolutions!

If I'm being completely honest with myself then I know that I MUST have learned something in the whole uear but unfortunately I can't think of anything. People HAVE to learn something right? Its like the Freakin LAW!

I guess I can say that I did keep up my resolutions _ because I totally did.I KNOW I did! I BELIEVE I did! I HOPE I did!

Aruba's Resolutions for the year 2009 and whats become of them now

1.Be nicer to everyone:
Ok so this is one resolution I didn't keep. But I really tried (Ignoring the fact that I just made my little cousin cry cause he looks funny when he cries)

2.Stop making sarcastic comments on everything: Seriously? I can't even believe that I bothered making that one! What was I thinking?! Can a fish live without water? Can humans survive without oxygen? (Stress on humans! WE are not talking about Vampires people!Though this girl in my literature class could totally pass for a vampire.Seriously! She's so totally pale and I have never seen her eat anything! Maybe she drinks blood! That would be so bloody awesome! Not that I'm a big fan of vampires or anything but still it would be totally cool!) Anyways You do the Math!

3.Stop blurting out stuff without thinking: Yeah that didn't go so well for me. I gave that one up in the very first month. The process of thinking before speaking does not work out for me.It requires using my brain and even I have admitted that its really hard for me

4.Stop biting my nails: Just looked at my nails. Already bitten into next month. Case closed!
(I just remembered that the girl from my literature class, I have seen her eating cake on somebody's birthday.There goes my Vampire theory. :( Unless she was just forcing it down like Edward does with the pizza or something! Theory back on!)

5.Stop babbling about completely random useless stuff: No can do. Sorry. People have to learn to live with it!

6.Actually do homework and study for tests and exams: I'm getting 'F's. Does that answer your question. I can't do homework! I'm not genetically made that way. Studies and homework REPEL me! whatever that is.

7.Stop eating so much: I couldn't stand in the way of true love!

So much for Resolutions!

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