Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why Life's more like a newspaper then a story book

Thats right..I, ARUBA ILYAS said one day when it becomes a famous quote do not forget to credit me.
So here goes:
A story usually one major plot and a couple of sub-plots right?
Well...thats not what usually happens in life...its never that simple...unless ofcourse you're someone who lives in the smallest town in the world with just you and your umm...cow or sheep or something. But even then it could get to be pretty hard....there could be a day when the cow runs away or is in an angry mood or something or that could be a time when there's no grass for it to graze on cause there's been no rain...or there could be time when you're ill and there's no medication since all you have is a cow. Come to think of it..a life like that sounds impossible.
It isn't simple even if you live in a remote area with your 'significant other'. In fact that sounds pretty hard too. HOW are you supposed to just put up with each other only? If there's no one there then WHO are you supposed to complain about his/her idiotic habits to?
Anyways..sorry I have this really bad habit of getting sidetracked.As I was saying, a book no matter how complicated and complex cannot contain the full essence of least thats what I think. In life there usually isn't just one thing or one objective which you have to achieve..and the obstacles well...they don't just wait around for one to end and another to begin do they?
Another fact about books is that they have an ending. Even if its a whole series of books well it ends someday doesn't it? . In real life the story doesn't stop until you die.
Newspapers on the other hand bring us news...they shows whats happening currently and where and why. If you take a newspaper as a representative of life well then the front page is the headline..the main news..the main scoop of whats happening in our lives..the good news and the bad.
Well I don't know much about International papers but the main paper I read at home has the first couple of pages dedicated to the main news of the country and then as you go deeper and deeper into the paper you get the smaller news articles. These could totally be the the minor issues of today that may or may not erupt into bigger, front page headlines.
The paper I get at home has the last few pages dedicated to International news and well this could so hold true for me cause well all of us are pretty selfish aren't we? Our problems first. Unless ofcourse they affect us in some way.
Well I don't know about you but I believe my life to be more then a book or just one story...I want to come to me as something new and fresh to me everyday.
The only problem?
I was writing a song that has a line "I'd like to to believe that somewhere out there's a story for me" and well "Stories' just doesn't fit in with the song :(

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